Nourishing the body and mind with Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub

While the hustle and bustle of the city is one that keeps our minds alert and awake, it can do the opposite for our body. From environmental factors like extreme weather changes and pollution, to emotional factors like stress, everyday life can definitely take a toll on our bodies in the form of dullness and dry, lifeless skin.

This is why Seoul-based skincare brand Jungle Botanics took to nature to find their answer in the jungle, creating the Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub – quickly rising as a customer favorite for the illuminating touch it adds back to the skin.

More than your average scrub.

Upon quick glance, the nutshell scrub is your average joe. To put it quite blatantly, some might mistake it for wet sand. So what makes it special?

The real magic behind this scrub is behind the scenes.

Made 100% pure walnut shells, this scrub is surprisingly gentle for it’s nature as a physical exfoliant, and contains a blend of hand-crafted essential oils for a nourishing, moisturizing experience.

Many people out there might be thinking, “Physical exfoliants aren’t safe! Chemical peels are much better,” or something along the lines of, “Scrubs with shells/ fruit pits are too dangerous for the skin!”.

While it’s definitely not a lie that some scrubs in the market that use for example, apricot pits, as their prime source of exfoliation, will contain jagged granules harmful to the skin, the Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub the Jungle Botanics scrub implements innovative round-cut technology.

A closer look.

Each granule of the Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub is actually porous in nature, allowing them to aid the removal of dead skin cells by attracting them to the surface of the skin, rather than forcibly pulling or scratching them of the skin.

Gentle rolling motions are all that is needed, making the granules of the scrub safe for even the most sensitive skin

What more? The scrub is also 100% biodegradable, and is as good to the earth as it is the body.

While this scrub does an excellent job as a scrub by removing dead skin cells and other impurities, it also works to nourish and moisturize the skin.

When the skin is experiencing dry flakiness, or is dull and lackluster, this is usually a sign that it isn’t getting the necessary nutrients it needs.

Nourish the body, nourish the mind.

The Jungle Botanics Scrub is first fortified with cacao seed butter, which has worked to bolster the early skincare routines of Amazonian tribes for many centuries.

Not only does it contain fatty acids – which help increase the skin’s moisture retention levels – Cocoa butter is also known to carry a very pleasant aroma, making it a frequent element of aromatherapy.

This super ingredient, combined with Jungle Botanics’ unique Energetic Jungle 10 Oil blend extracted from various Amazonian plants, acts deep in the skin to moisturize while leaving a seductively sweet scent on the body.

Working harmoniously with one another, the gentle exfoliation of the walnut shells prepare a clean palette on the skin, to allow the natural nutrients of the oils to soak in a leave their luminous touch to the skin.

To name a few, vitamin and antioxidant rich jojoba oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil and more, come together for a pleasant experience that will have you wanting to stay in the shower longer.

Formulated specifically so that the gifts of mother nature could be delivered straight to the doorstep of any city-goer, the nutshell scrub is relaxation-meets-cleansing, for a fresher body and mind.

We found our answer in the jungle. Where will you find yours?

The Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub is available for international purchase at

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