Tasty foods that are also great for your skin

For many, while looking for the next best vegan restaurant and searching for the perfect cold pressed juice might be a result of following a trend, one that is here to stay are the many benefits of fruits, vegetables, and […]

Exploring the Energetic Jungle 10 Oils

Inspired by ingredients found in nature, Seoul-based cosmetic brand Jungle Botanics proudly presents their “Energetic Jungle 10-Oils”. But what exactly is this mysterious blend of oils, and why do we want it in our cosmetics? While still fairly new, Jungle […]

4 body scrub myths debunked by Jungle Botanics

In the world of skincare, exfoliating is arguably one of the most important steps of our beauty routines. Saying that you don’t exfoliate your face at least once a week might earn you looks of horror, but make the same […]

A shower a day keeps body acne at bay

While the warmer weather in the upcoming summer months is a source of excitement for many, it can also be a cause of stress for some. “I’m someone who loves summer and the heat,”Allure Magazine Editor Sophia Panych said in […]

Are you shampooing your scalp?

When we think of hair care, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, hair. We buy hair oils for dryness, nourishing masks for damage, and dry shampoo for oiliness when what we should be doing is getting […]